Become a Virtual Vendor

Can't Make it dubai?
sell online!

Just because you can’t make it to the Trade show doesn’t mean your business can’t experience the same benefits of showcasing your products and services. 
ISOB’s Virtual Vending Service will allow you to adverstise your business online and sell your products directly through the website. Simply pick your ad space options and our site does the rest of the work. 

how does it work

We set up the ad space

You will select your Ad- Space option. Once selected you will provide us with your advertisement such as a flyer or banner and we will add it to our store page.

We drive traffic to the site

You will not have to worry if we are getting traffic to the site. ISOB marketing and social media strategist will be driving traffic to the site throughout the entire event.

You get exposure and sales

You will have a button that will go directly to your website for your new customers to check out and even learn more about your products and services.

Select your ad-space

Basic Ad Space

- 288x482 Ad-space with your flyer or store image
-500 word Description of your business
-Website link directly to your store website
-Website link directly to your store website
-Social media Post only IG and FB

Premium Ad Space

- One popular selling product on front page
-Own custom page of 10 products
-500 word description of business
-Flyer on Page
-Links going directly to each product
- Shout out on social media platform posts, stories and FB live

Thank you to our ISOB sponsors