Due to the recent COVID-19 virus we have decided to move our event to a virtual platform instead of traveling to Africa this year. ISOB Africa will be postponed until 2021. 

Details Coming Soon!

Cutting Edge Workshops

ISOB has the best team of platform and creative artists in their respective industry onsite to educate attendees on a myriad of topics. Whether you are a novice and want to learn the dos and don’ts of hair coloring, a seasoned professional and want to help your clients with hair loss, the art of permanent makeup, or how to market your beauty business to generate income, ISOB has you covered.

Opportunities to make new friends

ISOB prides itself on making connections beyond zip codes and country codes. Our visionary and founder, Dr. Robyn Joppy, is committed to inclusion and representation. Consequently, she works tirelessly to ensure ISOB’s vision, mission, and purpose are known. Moreover, Dr. Robyn travels the globe making sure that talented professionals from all nationalities has an opportunity to attend an ISOB event and or lead a workshop as an educator.


Donna Cha

Founder of MI3 Beauty Philosophy Skincare line and International School of Permanent Makeup

Dr. Andreana Ramseur aka
"Dr. Dre"

Dudley Lead Creative Artist and Salon Owner

Jina Park

COO of International School of Permanent Makeup in New York City and Korea

What is beauty?

It emanates deep from within; the reflection and representation of one’s inner being. Real beauty shows up in the color of love which is connected to a person’s heart and soul. Both real beauty and true love represent all colors, ethnicities, and races. Real beauty is being comfortable in your skin and embracing every other human being’s inner beauty while accepting their outer beauty.
– Dr. Robyn S. Joppy