Give a GIRL The gift of EXPOSURE


An ISOB Outreach initiative to support girls all over the world, envisioned by Dr. Robyn S. Joppy


Project Cultivate is the vision of ISOB founder Dr. Robyn S. Joppy. The purpose of the project is to elevate ISOB’s three pillars which are: Education, Integrity, and Economic Development for Empowerment for girls whom we call ISOB Ambassadors.

As part of ISOB’S mission regarding philanthropy, we are committed to service and building communities. Consequently, through Project Cultivate, ISOB is partnering with organizations serving girls in Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, the United States, and more to address the stigma against mental health, wellness, female reproductive organ concerns, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV among millennials. ISOB will host a panel of experts and professionals who have first-hand experience in these areas.

Project Cultivate stands for:

C = Confidence – Assure the girls are strong and confident in who they are and what they represent
U = Unique – Assure the girls know they are so special and uniquely made; no one else has their DNA
L = Leadership – Assure the girls know they don’t have to follow a crowd; they should set the standard
T = Talent – Assure the girls know everyone is born with a talent and if they don’t know, they will
I = Intelligent – Assure the girls know they are intelligent. Words like stupid and dumb are not acceptable
V = Voice – Assure the girls know they have a voice to speak truth to power
A = Articulate – Assure the girl know they have a right to articulate their position, passion, and concerns
T = Tenacious – Assure the girls know mistakes are inevitable and it is ok. They will hear “be persistent”
E = Excellence – Assure the girls know the importance of doing everything in excellence. Have a spirit of excellence

Dr. Robyn S. Joppy

Dr. Robyn, also known as “the fixer” and “idea woman,” is a social entrepreneur. Moreover, she is passionate about finding and implementing solutions to economic, social, cultural, and environmental concern. Through her identification with corporate social responsibility, she strives to ensure ISOB’s goals of philanthropy, activism, and charitable giving by engaging in, and or encouraging others, to support volunteering and “ethically-oriented practices.”  We want to cultivate the gifts and talents of our girls by giving them the gift of EXPOSURE TO OPPORTUNITIES, so they learn the importance of not just surviving but also thriving.