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dr. robin s. joppy
isob visionary

International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) is the vision of Dr. Robyn S. Joppy and supported by a group of powerful, multi-racial, entrepreneurial women who desire to give anyone connected to the beauty industry, domestically and internationally, the tools, resources, and exposure needed to be successful.

This 2-day event aims to Empower, Enlighten, and Educate participants about the latest cutting-edge techniques. Workshops and classes will be taught by industry experts on health, wellness, and beauty products.


Created by a group of powerful, multi-racial, female entrepreneurs, the International Shades of Beauty Hair and Beauty Trade Show aims to give business owners and industry professionals the TOOLS AND EXPOSURE needed to be successful.


Industry experts from all backgrounds will be in attendance to:
Showcase Innovative Products and Services
Provide Ideas to Scale Your Beauty Business
Help Expand Services you Provide
After this event you will be ignited and inspired to take your business to the next level.


Education is an important part of this event. Selecting the right hair and skin care products is essential to maintaining a healthy beauty regime. Industry experts will be available to help take the guess work out of your routine. Experts will be available to: Educate Attendees on Current Products Curate a List of Products Needed for Attendees’ Specific Hair and Skin Care Concerns Discuss the Importance of Using Organic and Paraben-Free Products

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