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Education is KEY!

Selecting the right hair and skin care products are essential to maintaining a healthy beauty regime. Industry experts will be available to help take the guess work out of your routine. Experts will be available to: educate attendees on current products, curate a list of products needed for attendees’ specific hair and skin care concerns, discuss the importance of using organic and Paraben-Free products.

hair care workshops


There is no beautiful style without a profound cut and healthy hair. In this class,
attendees will learn about the elegance in hair shaping, from short cuts, to bobs,
and long layers. Penna’e will also share her secrets to helping your client’s hair be
healthier and have more moves, waves and motion.

Terri Brown

The Do’s and Don’ts of Relaxers
Educator: Terri Brown

All relaxers are not for everyone.  Rather, product knowledge and consultations are KEY. In this class, attendees will learn the DO’S AND DON’TS of relaxers.

Andreana Ramseur

It's all about color
EDUCATOR: Andreana Ramseur

How to achieve optimum results when using the right products and techniques will be the focus of this class. Attendees will learn how to master color services from consultation, to applications, to toning, to the finished results. 

Andreana Ramseur

Let's break up with hair loss
EDUCATOR: Andreana Ramseur

Over 100 million women, men, and children are experiencing hair loss, and more than 40 million are of Ethnic origin. Only 1 out of 4 will seek advice from a professional and the first person will be their cosmetologist. In this class, attendees will learn why hair loss has become a Global Epidemic, and how proper education is the key to obtaining solutions.
Terri Brown

Curls, Twists, Braids: The Chemical-Free Natural Styles
EDUCATOR: Terri Brown

It’s all about the natural…from fun natural curls to twisted and braided styles! In this class, attendees will learn techniques and tools for natural hair styles without applying chemicals.

Terri Brown

Short Chic to Elegant Up-do: Classic Styles For Any Occasion
Educator: Terri Brown

Learn how to turn your everyday style into a more chic evening do! From short chic to elegant up do’s, these classic looks can be for any occasion! 

ready to take your hair products to the next level?

workshop: beauty and business operations

The Business of Beauty: It’s More Than Techniques And Tools
EDUCATOR: Penna’e Akpuru

In the industry of beauty there is a multitude of talented and creative people with potential to become leaders. However, there’s a common denominator that hinders true success…“mastering the craft of business, character and handling challenges.” In this class, Penna’e will provide attendees with the step-by-step ways to grow their business and become one of the most sought after beauty professionals in the country.

Wendy Alexander

Invest In Yourself: The Need For Personal Certifications
Educator: Wendy Alexander

network with the best in the hair and beauty business!

workshop: skin care

Fillers Without Needles: The Hyaluron Pen

In this class, attendees will learn why America is raving about this new technique – the Hyaluron Pen. The science of Micro-needling and Injections is now available without using a NEEDLE! Also, learn how to improve your skin condition in 20 minutes or less!

Korean BB Glow: The Semi-Permanent Makeup Foundation
Educator: Jina Park

In this class, attendees will learn how to successfully analyze skin to properly perform BB Glow procedure providing clients maximum comfort and minimum downtime. In addition, learn how to confidently perform Water Shine Covered BB Glow micro pigmentation treatments for semi-permanent makeup foundation and identify which serum works best for different skin types.

Microblading In Half The Time Demonstration

This is an intensive hands-on demo study course where attendees will learn the different styles of microblading applications and how different micro-blading needles can speed up the procedure by ½ the time


All About The Base: Flawless Makeup Base For Daily Wear

In this class, attendees will learn tips and tricks to creating a flawless base that can be used day-to-day while making you look awake, put together, and not over-done.

Terri Brown

0 to 100: Glammed For The Weekend
Educator: Terri Brown

In this class, attendees will learn how to get glammed for the weekend and special occasions using Adeusa’s favorite makeup products. 


The countdown has begun for the launch of International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) Hair and Beauty Trade Show.  Because ISOB loves and supports all things beauty, we thought it would be fun to have some fun. As a result, ISOB teamed up with professional fashion model and makeup artist, Kimberly Carey (Abu Dhabi), who created The Glam Squad Showdown.


CALLING ALL FASHION STUDENTS! As a fashion student, you have an opportunity to show the world your creative genius by entering ISOB’s first Headpiece Competition.

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To be beautiful, starts from internally and radiates outwardly. The body, the mind and the soul when they are in sync and at peace, the beauty of a person shines through their eyes.
Zine Nkukwana CEO of South African Women in ICT Forum Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker
Response from "What Beauty Means to Me" Campaign

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