All things beauty track

Dr. Faith Oliver Robertson

In this interactive class, the students will learn the do’s and don’ts of shaping and enhancing their natural eyebrows. As I use a live model, they will see the en)re process of proper brow sculp)ng from start to finish. Students will also learn proper maintenance, care, and enhancement techniques. I will also introduce The Simply Sculpted Brow Kit which is an all-inclusive kit that helps women to fill in and maintain their beau)fully sculpted brow between their professional appointments. 

Donna Cha

In this class, attendees will learn why America is raving about this new technique – the Hyaluron Pen. The science of Micro-needling and Injections is now available without using a NEEDLE! Also, learn how to improve your skin condition in 20 minutes or less!

Jina Park

In this class, attendees will learn how to successfully analyze skin to properly perform BB Glow procedure providing clients maximum comfort and minimum downtime. In addition, learn how to confidently perform Water Shine Covered BB Glow micro pigmentation treatments for semi-permanent makeup foundation and identify which serum works best for different skin types.

Deanna B. Burton


Andrea “Dr. Dre” Ramseur

Over 100 million women, men, and children are experiencing hair loss, and more than 40 million are of Ethnic origin. Only 1 out of 4 will seek advice from a professional and the first person will be their cosmetologist. In this class, attendees will learn why hair loss has become a Global Epidemic, and how proper education is the key to obtaining solutions.

Penna’e Akpru

There is no beautiful style without a profound cut and healthy hair. In this class, attendees will learn about the elegance in hair shaping, from short cuts, to bobs, and long layers. Penna’e will also share her secrets to helping your client’s hair be healthier and have more moves, waves and motion. 

Andrea Fulton

Natural Hair care styling Styling, Braiding & Grooming natural hair. Getting excited about making a transition to becoming a Naturalnista. Learning what your specific hair coil pattern will create for you. What products work best for your type of hair. How to maintain your look.

Angela Crawford

Learn the difference between a regular sewing machine and a industrial sewing machine. Learn the difference between the WIG Caps. Learn the difference between choosing the right Lace Wigs. How to choose the RIGHT Hair for making a WIG.

Yolanda Dupree

Join Master Cosmetologist, Yolanda Dupree, as she shares the highs and lows of her 30- year career in the hair industry. From commission to booth rent, from doing hair at home to traveling with an entertainment company; movies, TV, bridal, salon ownership.. Yolanda has done it all and wants to share her experience with you. In this session: 1) Yolanda will reveal the secrets of financial success and longevity in the beauty industry. 2) you will be empowered with strategic growth planning ideas that will transform your business. 3) You will learn the best practices for handling customer conflict/resolution. 4) You will be inspired to develop a self-care regimen and use it.

Ashani Payton

We don’t just see it. We grow it. Best practices to ensure healthy hair and scalp while performing hair enhancment services. Install to finishing techniques

Suzi Dent

That sleeve of ink or the tattoos on backs and shoulders, don’t always look great with a stunning wedding dress and it is becoming more popular to be able to hide these tattoos for their special day.

Kimberly Carey

Explaining the methodology behind the BRUSH Class by K.Nicole System. How to make your brushes work for you and creating a “brush legacy”.

Know about the top, middle and base notes/basic classification of fragrance notes


beauty business TRACK

Ceaira Accoo

Being a young and successful entrepreneur, I have so many skills and keys to success to share with any audience. Being an entrepreneur is tough enough as it comes, but you can never lose hope or faith within yourself or your brand. It all starts within.

Symone Redmond

How to grow your clientele through the power of online video

Eryka Johnson

Looking to package your hair or beauty expertise into speaking opportunities? In this class, learn how to create an irresistible speaker one-sheet that gets you booked and paid.

Jaleh Zandieh

The content is the most up-to-date version of my group training process based on the last 6 months of working with teams dedicated to elevating their impact with integrity and joyful unity. 

In this workshop, we will cover developing a marketing plan, winning digital marketing strategies, and relationship marketing! Our goal is to help you.

Fashion track

Lynne Parker

LCP Haute Couture: The “You” Look Book

WEllness TRACK

Michelle Walker Davis

Focusing on how professionals need to create a more work-life balance that is essential to living a healthy lifestyle and to releasing the Powers within you!

Tamara Wells

**Attendees will learn that the human body has natural healing built in at cellular levels. **How to identify DIS-ease/DIS-order & unhealthy habits with symptoms **They will grow to better understand their bodies functionality ** Target issues from system to cell.

Shani Brinkley

In this workshop with Holistic Health Coach, Shani Brinkley, attendees will  explore what is Self-care and how to cultivate a daily practice in your life. Self-care is important for all of us, especially anyone in the service industry. Giving of yourself everyday shouldn’t leave you depleted. Shani will teach you how to give from your overflow. You’ll leave with key tips and strategies to protect your energy, nourish your soul and listen to what your body is saying. 

Sade Arzu

Understanding the impact of stress and its long term effects on the body

Ashani Hamilton

Learn about a variety of natural raw materials for beauty and wellness products.Practices to sustain the beauty in you and around you to produce a wealthy harvest of legacy.

Nikki Murray

Attendees will learn the important of making themselves their #1 priority and living healthy from the inside out.

Erin Kurt

In this Self Love masterclass I am going to teach you how to finally love yourself. People usually speak about doing nice things for yourself when they try to teach self love, but self love starts way before this. During this class I’ll personally take you through my signature 7 steps to self love, leaving you with unshakeable self-esteem and confidence. You’ll walk out of this class absolutely adoring Y.O.U.!