Something epic is about to happen in Africa and we are excited to have the fashion community participate. International Shades of Beauty (ISOB) is hosting a Hair and Beauty Trade Show. ISOB supports all things beauty; fashion is beauty and beauty is fashion! You may be thinking why you.  As a fashion student, you have an opportunity to show the world your creative genius by entering ISOB’s Headpiece Competition. The competition demonstrates ISOB’s platform: Education, Integrity, and Economic Development 

competition rules

Students MUST:
-Design their own headpiece (Education, Integrity)
-Students must wear their headpiece during the competition
-Students will be able to sell headpiece after the competition (Economic Development)


Students will be judged on three categories:
1. Unique creativity
2. Stability
3. Cultural authenticity


Overall Winner – Judge’s Choice
The Overall winner will receive a swag bag full of nice surprises and a trophy to commemorate the occasion. 

People’s Choice – ISOB Attendees will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite. 
The People’s Choice winner will receive a trophy and a gift certificate.



When: November 6th during the ISOB Hair and Beauty Trade Show 
Where: Holiday Inn Accra, Ghana
Entry Fee: 275 Cedi | $52 USD
Entry Deadline: September 20th



When: November 13th during the ISOB Hair and Beauty Trade Show 
Where: Crowne Plaza Hotel Nairobi, Kenya
Entry Fee: 5208 KSH | $52 USD
Entry Deadline: September 20th

what is beauty?

To be beautiful is to be at peace, even when the tough gets going, be still and be peaceful, for the soul that is at peace, sees beauty in everything, the sunrise, the sunset, the gentle breeze, the horizon, the mountains, the rivers, the oceans, the skies and all that is within those things. The soul is at peace when the attitude you display towards others, your ethics, your values, your principles, your morals and your humanity compass are all in line with what the universe prescribes as characteristics of a good person. With all these in place, your face glows as your smile delineates inner peace. It matters not if your physical appearance is not what magazines or model houses would go for as beauty is but skin deep. External attractiveness has no relation to goodness or essential quality.”
Zine Nkukwana
CEO of South African Women in ICT Forum Entrepreneur & Inspirational Speaker